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Contact Tracing - What is it - What is it not.

1. Myth: Contact tracing is used to give citizens' information to the government for tracking and other speculative purposes.

Fact: The purpose of contact tracing is to help protect you, your family, and your community by:

• Helping people diagnosed with COVID-19 get referrals for services and resources they may need to isolate safely.

• Notifying people who have come into close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 about their exposure.

• Helping people who were exposed to COVID-19 know what steps to take to keep themselves and those close to them safe, depending on their vaccination status. Follow-up may include testing and quarantine for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated people, and testing and wearing a mask for fully vaccinated.

Discussions with public health workers are confidential. This means that your personal and medical information will be kept private and only shared with those who may need to know, like your healthcare provider. Learn more about contact tracing.

2. Myth: The contract awarded to Rapid Trace LLC to support COVID contact tracing is a violation of privacy and freedom.

Fact: Rapid Trace LLC is an affiliate owned company by Over the Ridge LLC which hosts a myriad of services for public and private sector clients. Rapid Trace LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that helps Counties find people that ay have been exposed to COVID and offer them support and service to prevent serious illness and reduce transmission. No one is obligated to cooperate with contact tracing activities, it is a voluntary service to help people stay healthy.

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