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Increased Taxes on Truckee... Negative - Untrue!

1. Myth: The Board of Supervisors voted to increase taxes on Truckee residents (Measure T).

Fact: On August 10, 2021, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution proclaiming its support for Measure T, a ballot measure proposed by the Truckee Fire Protection District - not the County of Nevada. Registered voters in the Truckee Fire Protection District, which spans both Placer and Nevada Counties, voted overwhelmingly to increase taxes by passing Measure T with 82.65% of Placer County voters in support and 78.52% of Nevada County voters in support for an overall yes vote of 78.93%. The intent was made clear in the text of the ballot, which read, “To reduce the risk of wildfire/improve wildfire prevention, including removing dry brush, dead trees, fuels and fire hazards; improving emergency evacuation systems, routes and procedures; supporting defensible space around homes, neighborhoods and critical infrastructure, providing more green waste disposal options; shall the Truckee Fire Protection District measure levying $179 per parcel for eight years be adopted, providing $3,700,000 annually in locally-controlled funding for wildfire protection, with independent audits, exemptions for low-income residents, and citizen oversight?"

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