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Local Expert Opposes Recall based on FACTS, calls points in petition not false but ignorant.

Name: Barbara Larsen

Subject: Recall regarding the false assumption that the Board of Supervisors could have fired Dr. Scott Kellermann

Message: I have lived in Nevada County for over 43 years and have worked in the field of dementia care in a variety of settings for 36 of these years; supporting family caregivers, providing one-on-one activities for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, in-service trainings for health care professionals, assessments for family caregivers, the general public, county and state agencies, and in the private sector. I am writing to oppose the recall of our county supervisors. The points in the petition are not only false but come from ignorance as to how our government works....locally, state, and federally. The assumption that the Board of Supervisors could have fired our public health director, Dr. Scott Kellermann is completely false! The members of the Board did not hired him and therefore could not have fired him? It would be like me trying to sue my car mechanic for not fixing my washing machine. That's not in his job description!! We need to support those health care professionals who have put their lives on the front line. And, I am addressing you here: If any person verbally abuses you, assaults you in any matter call the police. The police blotter has to change!! Don't let the ignorant bullies win. Thank you, Barbara Larsen, MA., Ed. Family & Education Consultant, Advocate, Author

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