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Oath of Office... Watch the Video!

1. Myth: The oath of office is not valid.

Fact: All of the oaths taken by the Board and County Counsel are on file and are consistent with legal mandates. The California Supreme Court ruled that only the first paragraph of the oath (listed in section 3, article XX of the California Constitution) is valid, and the 2nd paragraph was held to be invalid. (Vogel v. Los Angeles County, 68 Cal. 2d 18, 26 (1967).)

2. Myth: The County will not provide copies of the Supervisors' oaths of office.

Fact: Any member of the public can obtain this information by submitting a public records request to the Clerk of the Board at 530-265-1480 or through the website at: County of Nevada Public Records Requests and this has been provided to several requesters via their Public Records Act requests. Or call me (Hardy Bullock) up on the phone and come see mine, it is hanging above my desk, we can have coffee and talk about Constitutional Law.

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