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Response to Petition

This recall petition makes claims that are false, unfounded, misleading, and entirely fabricated and baseless. This recall will cost taxpayers $475,000 - $675,000.

The petitioners do not understand how local government works. Nevada County has a duty to follow the rule of law in its implementation of public health mandates, and to support our health professionals who are following the best medical advice available. We have done so while simultaneously using State and Federal CARES/ARPA funding to provide an unprecedented level of support, $5,000,000, to our local businesses, nonprofits, and cultural and educational institutions to help them weather the economic fallout of the pandemic. This Board of Supervisors has succeeded in building low-income housing, provided services to the homeless, expanded broadband, doubled wildfire mitigation efforts, ensured fiscal stability, expanded mental health services, upgraded roads, supported legal cannabis, increased enforcement of illegal grows, coordinated with our towns and cities, and delivered constituent assistance.

This petition is an assault on the community and the people of Nevada County, predicated on conspiracy theories and myth. Do not be fooled. Knowledge is power – Visit to learn the truth. I remain laser-focused on serving Nevada County. Hardy Bullock, 5th District Supervisor.

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