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The FACTS and Truth about County COVID Policies

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

1. Myth: The county requires a citizen to get vaccinated and wear a mask.

Fact: The County recommends vaccination but does not require it, does not check the vaccination status of citizens, and has no method of tracking you or your vaccine status. You may be subject to a mask mandate IF your choices bring you into contact with other people.

2. Myth: The county has only addressed the pandemic by promoting vaccinations and masking restrictions that limit freedom.

Fact: The County recommends non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) and pharmaceutical interventions (i.e., vaccines). The recommended NPIs include masking, distancing, avoiding indoor gatherings, testing when symptomatic, treatment when ill, staying home when ill, and maintaining overall health (use of vitamins and natural remedies is a personal choice). Public Health does not provide treatment to COVID-19 patients but it does serve as a liaison and resource to local healthcare providers who wish to request FDA-approved treatments that are sometimes provided via the California Department of Public Health. A person can choose to wear a mask or get vaccinated, there is no law requiring either of these. However, to protect the health of the entire community masks are sometimes mandated thus protecting the civil liberties of those who desire such protection.

3. Myth: The County requires masks, which are not effective against the COVID-19 virus.

Fact: There is a significant amount of data supporting the effectiveness of masks in preventing the transmission of COVID-19, which the California Department of Public Health cites in their masking guidance:

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